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The day that you start reading "Kente Cloth and Apricot Brandy, A Love Story" should not be a day when you have plans to get a lot accomplished. It is a book of memoirs that read like a novel. Allow yourself to become immersed in the journey with me, to West Africa, and through life. But then, when you need to smile, you will find yourself returning to the parts that made you laugh out loud. When you need to reflect, you will come back to read an entry that caused you to contemplate life and death with more reverence. And ... when you are sad or grieving, you will want to reread the parts that gave you permission to cry but also gave you hope.

Dr. Mathew L. Ouellett, Executive Director,

Center for Teaching Innovation,

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Dorothy Jett-Carter's Kente Cloth and Apricot Brandy is a mesmerizing meditation on what it means to love and be loved deeply. Her original and compelling narrative flows with memories. As Dorothy contemplates the ordinary and embraces the mystical, she emerges as a fearless writer on the universal question of grieving: What emotions do we let go of and what do we keep?

Richard B. Reeves, Jr.

Director of Arts and Culture,

Hannan Center, Detroit, Michigan

Judy Bowman

Internationally Acclaimed,

Award-Winning Collage Artist

Dorothy's book transported me to a place that was familiar, comforting, romantic, and revealing. You are surrounded by the story and you are there - with her.

I could  feel every emotion.

I loved Kente Cloth and Apricot Brandy. I enjoyed it so much that I gobbled it up too fast! Then, I reread it and tried to slow myself down so that I could savor it. A deliciously wonderful read.

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