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There are so many people who have seen or talked to their loved ones after they have left this life and never allowed themselves to believe. If they did believe, they never told anyone for fear that they would be judged. They caught a glimpse of a loved one, heard a sigh or a few words. They felt a touch or even saw a dent in a chair cushion and pushed that knowledge away. Maybe while in Africa, I connected with my ancestral beliefs and values. I'll never really know the reason for sure; but somehow, when Rod returned, something in me allowed me to hear him, to see him and even to feel his touch.

Behind The Author

DOROTHY JETT-CARTER is an award- winning textile and jewelry artist whose work has been shown and sold nationally at such diverse locations as the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D. C. and The Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, Michigan. Her published writings have included numerous training manuals for Fortune 500 companies and her own consulting firm, Diverse Training Concepts, LLC on diversity awareness, harassment prevention and maintaining a respectful workplace. Most included plays and short stories. She has also written articles on the creative process which have been published throughout the U.S. As a mature African American Woman, her creative journey now brings her to first novel – A piercing cultural perspective on love, death, grief and continuing life’s journey.

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